Some craft breweries are born out of a good idea. Ours was more out of necessity. The garage at home wasn't big enough to house my micro-brewery, let alone my growing collection of classic cars.


So before me or my Ford Prefect were given the boot, me and Jackie went on the hunt for an alternative space; a space where my wacky imagination and passion for brewing could come alive alongside my beautiful cars.

Nelson seemed like a good place to start. After all, we both had fond memories of cavorting here in our youth. And our instincts weren’t wrong.

Shortly after our search began, we happened upon a warehouse that just seemed to have ‘it’. And in February 2018 (the 2nd to be precise), we transformed the remnants of my man cave into The Workshop – a unique drinking and dining experience in the heart of Nelson.

– Nigel, Co-owner & the brains behind the beers

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